Clipboart® - Display unit for Golfballs

With the new golf ball spiral from Clipboart, there is finally an artistic and individual way to put your favorite golf balls on a wall in the living room in scene. With the proprietary CLIP technology, you can clip your golf balls to the desired position in the recess. The balls are not damaged in the process and can be removed from the holder just as easily.
Gone are the days when the balls rolled out of the display case towards you.

Your advantages of the golf ball spiral compared to conventional display cases:

  •     Creative and innovative holder
  •     Balls can be flexibly clamped and removed
  •     Different sizes and designs
  •     An individual gift
  •     A high quality carpentry from Bavaria

Standard GolfballSpirale "M"  + "XXL":

A real "eye-catcher" even for large walls. (Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 6 cm). Here, too, the mounting material (screws + dowels) is included.

Golfballspirale XXL max. 105 balls
Golfballspirale XXL max. 105 balls



Golfballspirale max. 27 balls
Golfballspirale max. 27 balls

Golfballspirale plate max.  97 balls
Golfballspirale plate max. 97 balls
Golfballspirale plate max. 30 balls
Golfballspirale plate max. 30 balls


In this version fit max 58 golf balls.

The dimensions are 440x440x36mm.

The diagonal design can be perfectly expanded.  There is no limit to creativity here,
Here, too, the base plate can be foiled with the desired color.

Color configurator for the base plate (just add the color note during the order process and choose the "color coded" product):

GOlfballspirale with LED Light

Spiral as a plate version LED lighting (RGB - battery).
Execution in multiplex "gray", desired color of the front is possible.

Birthday Gift - Variant 50, 60, 70

Looking for an individual birthday gift for the round birthday (50s, 60s or 70s) of a golfer or a golfer:

In golf, it is quite common to collect the logo balls, from the courses on which you have played.  The perfect gift for a golfer.
Max. Number of balls:
50s = 40 balls
60s = 36 balls
70s = 33 balls

 Dimensions: 45 x 60 x 6 cm (white cover plate, gray

Golfball in 6 - 8 Levels

Golf ball holder for up to 60 or up to 80 golf balls. The perfect gift for the round birthday of a passionate golfer. The plate can be mounted horizontally, or vertically.
The balls are held between the acrylic plates and the foam rubber.

Clipboart ® - Golfballs

Gift Tip:
Birthday = number of golf balls
You can order the desired number of "used" golf balls right here.
Wandhalter für Golbälle / Logo-Golfbälle

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