Clipboart® - Wall Bracket for Playstations and XBOX

Fixie-Variant Playstation PS4 SLIM or PRO :

With this version, all you have to do is clamp your Playstation into the pre-set wall bracket.
There is an optional version with a holder for your two controllers.
Dimensions: 360x210x36mm

Fixie-Variant with baseplate
Fixie-Variant with baseplate
PS4 bracket with LED-backlight
PS4 bracket with LED-backlight

An LED strip with USB connection is placed around the base plate so that your console is also properly staged in the evening.

Wall Bracket for XBOX "Serie S":

The custom-made wall bracket for the XBOX Series S.
The distance to the wall ensures that the ventilation slots fulfill their purpose. Horizontal or vertical mounting is possible.
Dimensions: 330x90x18mm

Wandhalterung für PS5:

The custom-made wall mount for the Playstation 5.
Same principle, the white rubber is pre-tensioned so that the console sits firmly.
Dimensions: 470x210x18mm

Clipboart® für E-Sports

Clipboart ® - Wandhalterung für Konsolen

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