Clipboart ® - Wall mount for Wakeboards

Standard variant:

With this version, you only have to align the width of your board to the wall with the help of the mounting kit.


Fixie variant:

With the Fixie variant, you only need to tell us the width of your board (waist in mm) during the ordering process. The Clipboart ® will then be completely pre-assembled.


Premium-Flex variant:

The Premium-Flex variant covers all standard widths of wakeboards (up to 470mm). A change of the board is therefore no problem. Between the adjustable side panels, the battery unit is mounted inconspicuously.


Additional info:

The turn table allows you to change the angle of your wall mount at any time. In the Fixie variant in Kombionation with the turn table is only the 230V LED (incl 2m white wall cable) usable.
The determination of the exact width is difficult with round edges, so this Fixie version is not recommended. In this case, the standard or premium flex version would be more suitable.



Possible combinations (Note when placing the order):

Colors in oak, or multiplex white

The only wall mount for wakeboards with integrated LED lighting:

LED unit (battery):

  • Battery operated with standby (LED band, 4 x AA batteries and Bluetooth for color change).
  • Battery box is "clipped" between the two bars.
  • Bars are only available if LED with battery unit is ordered.

LED unit can only be integrated with the Premium Flex and Fixie variant with distance plate.


Clipboart® - Wakeboards

Clipboart ® - Wandhalterung für Wakeboards

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