Clipboart®- Wall mount for icehockey equipment

Ice hockey skates

This design for ice hockey players consists of a fixed base plate with four plexiglass discs, which serve as a support unit for all common ice hockey boots. These transparent discs give the impression that the skates float on the shelf. The mounting kit for the wall (2 screws + 2 dowels+ 2 white covers for the screws) is included..

display unit für up to 19 Pucks


Up to 19 pucks can be clamped in this diagonal. The color of the back is gray as standard, but can be foiled in any club color (see color selection).

Display unit for max. 5 Pucks

A horizontal or vertical mounting is possible.
The helmet bracket can also be attached here.


In this design, you can put your two hockey sticks (shaft width 29mm +2mm) that are particularly important to you, horizontally or vertically in scene. There is also space for 3 pucks.

On request, other shaft widths and combinations are also possible.

Wall mount for hockey sticks

Simply place your favorite racket on the wall at any angle. Gently clip in place.

Hier gibt es auch die passende Wandhalterung für Deinen Helm.

Clipboart ® - Eishockey-Wandhalterung

Clipboart ® - Wandhalterung für Eishockey Schlittschuhe

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