Clipboart®  - Wall mount for Ski

Standard variant:

With this version you only have to align the width of your skis to the wall with the help of the mounting kit..


Fixie variant:

With the Fixie variant, you only need to tell us the width of your skis (waist in mm) during the ordering process. The Clipboart ® will then be completely pre-assembled.


Premium-Flex Variante:

The Premium-Flex variant covers with the two sizes (70-120 mm and  bigger than 115 as XL Variant) all standard widths of skis. A change of the ski is therefore no problem. The battery unit is inconspicuously mounted in the back of the spacer plate. The middle part can be removed, so that this variant can also be converted for boards.


Additional info:

The turntable allows you to change the angle of your wall mounting at any time. In the Fixie variant in Kombionation with the Dehplatte is only the 230V LED (incl 2m white wall cable) usable.

Possible  combinations (Note when placing the order):

Colors in oak, back or multiplex white

Ski stoppers are held by the rubber from the wall:

Ski stopper rubber:

To prevent the ski stoppers from sticking to the wall, the rubbers are included with all clipboards for skis.



With a touring binding, set the binding to "go". Then the rubbers are not needed.

Die vertical Ski-wall mount:

If you want to hang your skis only vertiakl, then this holder is fully sufficient. The ski just slide into the slightly tapered cutout (bottom 100mm - top 106mm).  Just measure the marked area of the shovel to make sure your ski fits.

Bike & Ski Premium-Flex:

The only wall mount for SKi with integrated LED lighting:

For the Premium Flex - and Fixie variant, the rear cutout for the battery box (incl. 4x AA batteries) is only provided in conjunction with the order of the LED unit.

Ski  rack:

A noble floor rack for your skis:

With this noble stand made of oak, all skis can be staged without the need for drilling. Due to the milled bevel of the back part, the skis can not fall out sideways. The milled out in the base plate has a protective felt and provides a counter stop, so that longer skis also can not tip.  The assembly is super easy, because the two boards only need to be plugged together.
The colors in the area of the milling of the white floor stand can be freely selected according to the color sample.

SKi pole holder:

Simply place the grip piece of the ski pole in the recess of the holder.

Custom made products:

 No problem, just get in touch with us.

In the "Bike&Ski" combination mount, the lower element is replaced by the L-design for bicycles (max. 15kg / max. handlebar width 50cm) in the Premium-Flex version. The frame rests on a soft felt strip.

Here you can also find the matching wall mount for your ski helmet.

Clipboart ® - Ski

Clipboart ® - Wandhalterung für Ski

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