Clipboart ® - Wall mount for LOng- & Skateboards

Standard variant:

With this version, you only have to align the width of your board to the wall with the help of the mounting kit.


Fixie variant:

With the Fixie variant, you only need to tell us the width of your board (center or waist in mm) during the ordering process. The Clipboart ® will then be completely pre-assembled.


Premium-Flex variant:

The Premium-Flex variant covers all standard widths of skateboards and longboards. A change of the board is therefore no problem. Between the adjustable side parts, the battery unit is mounted inconspicuously.


Additional info:

The turntable allows you to change the angle of your wall mount at any time. In the Fixie variant in Kombionation with the Dehplatte is only the 230V LED (incl 2m white wall cable) usable.
For skateboards you need a distance plate (only for the Fixie and standard variant).

Possible combinations (Note when placing the order):

Vertical SkatEboard wall mount:

Vertikale Skateboard Montage

Here, the necessary clamping is ensured by the pre-tensioned rubber between nose and tail.

Colors in oak, or multiplex white

A noble floor stand for your Longboard:

With this noble stand made of oak, all boards can be staged without the need for drilling. Due to the milled bevel of the back part, the boards can not fall out laterally. The milled out bottom plate has a protective felt and provides a counter stop, so that longer boards can not tip.  The assembly is super easy, because the two boards only need to be plugged together.

Height 60cm, width 31cm, length of the base plate 36cm
Weight 3,5kg

 The colors in the area of the milling of the white base stand can be freely selected according to the color sample.

By the way, here you can also find the matching  wall mount for helmets.

Clipboart® - Longboard / Skateboard

Clipboart ® - Wandhalterung für Longboard/Skateboard

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