Clipboart® - wall mount for road bikes / fixies

Clipboart wall mount for bikes with handlebar widths up to 500 mm (wider handlebars also available on request):

  •  Pressure points can damage the expensive frame of your bike. Thanks to the very soft support pads, our mount is also suitable for carbon frames. 
  • With Clipboart®, we offer you a continuously rotatable cover plate so that you can align your bike to the wall without additional drilling. Reliable locking is still guaranteed.
  • The ultimate eye-catcher made from the trendy material multiplex wood.
  • The possibility of individual color configuration of the individual components of the bracket, e.g. matched to the color of your bike.
  • First wall mount with carbon elements and a full carbon look
  • First wall mount with optional fully integrated LED lighting
  • Can be easily combined with all other Clipboart® mounts made of the same material.
  • An elegant and high-quality carpenter's work from Bavaria.
  • Including all fastening materials.rehplatte is used to attach the LED strip.

Clipboart ® - wall mount for race bikes / Fixies

Technical data:
Material of the base plates: Multiplex wood (base and top plate)
Support bar material: oak or aluminum
Support pad material: non-slip, 5 mm thick silicone (black).
Max. Max. load: 20 kg
Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 280mm


Clipboart ® - Wandhalterung für Rennräder
89,00 €

84,00 €

  • verfügbar
  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit

Configure your mount to best suit your bike:

Colour of base plate (foiled):

  • matt black (mB)
  • gloss black (gB)
  • gloss carbon (gC)
  • matt carbon (mC)
  • mint (M)
  • white (W)
  • aluminum (A)
  • Chrome (C)
  • red (R)

Please specify your desired colors for the foiling and the support bars during the ordering process.

Cover plate matt carbon - support bars black = mK/b

Colour of support rods:

  • white (w)
  • black (b)
  • oak (o)

Integrierte Bluetooth LED-einheit:

The battery unit is inserted into the base plate screwed to the wall. When changing the battery, the battery box is simply pulled upwards out of the recess. So nothing needs to be dismantled, simply insert new batteries or rechargeable batteries and push them back into the recess.

The LED strip (RGB colors) is controlled via Bluetooth APP.

The integrated LED lighting is a really great eye-catcher in the evening. But please note that battery operation is only possible for approx. 6 hours, after which the batteries must be changed. For continuous operation, we recommend the 230V lighting (you are also welcome to attach your own LED strips to the back plate of the bracket).


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